Oil Level Sensor for Bmw 12611406609 12617508001






12611406609 12617508001

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A. precautions for installation of liquid level sensor 

    1. when replacing the liquid level sensor ,first remove the waste engine oil and refill the oil.lf the oil isnot replaced,filter the impurities inthe oil before refilling.

    2. please add the appropriate amount of oil quantity and brand according to the requirements of the mainreance manual.

    3. during installation,check the cleanness of the corresponding installation holes of the oil pan .

    4. lnstall the liquid level sensor, insert the sensor ,then carefully rotate the sensor,aligh the mounting hole and tighten the three fastening bolts.

    5. after installation,clean the greasy dirt on the sensor surface and insert the cable plug.make sure that there is no oil in the plug.

B. common fault handling

     low liquid level alarm 

    1. the engine oil does not completely flow into the sensor; wait until the engine oil temperature rises to above 90°C or the ignition runs for 15 minutes,clear the fault               code,and restart after power failure (mandatory)

    2. lack of engine oil; add engine oil 

    3. oil impurities block the oil inlet hole of the sensor; remove the sensor and clean the oil inlet hole of the sensor.

    4. sensor damage; replace the sensor.

    level sensor missng signal

    1. abnormal plug contact; unplug and replug the connector plug,and clean the oil stain in the cable plug.

    2. fuse burnt out; replace the fuse. 

    3. sensor damage; replace the sensor.

    oil leakage

     1. missing sealing ring; install sealing ring.     

     2. external objects at the sensor mount; clean the sealing area.

     3. the sensor is not installed smoothly; remove and reinstall.

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