Blower Motor Resistor for chery BN46105128B X888321C






BN46105128B X888321C

Product Description


Blower Motor Resistor


Product Name: HVAC Fan Motor Regulator/Resistor

Description: The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system blower motor resistor, also known as BMR, controls the speed of the vehicle blower motor

Failure or non operation of the blower motor resistor will result in poor cabin cooling or heating conditions. It may also cause insufficient defrosting or deicing of the windshield, reducing driver visibility.

When replacing a faulty blower motor resistor, the functionality of other HVAC system components should be checked as they may cause blower motor resistor failure.

The current consumption of the blower motor should be checked according to the manufacturer's specifications and the cabin air filter (if equipped) should be replaced.

Note: OE style in the after-sales market

Check the equipment before purchasing to ensure installation.

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